Trying on a Blue Apron

We have been in a dinner rut. We tend to make our favorites over and over again. A friend recommended Blue Apron recently and sent me a free week to try it.  We received  our first delivery yesterday. It arrived earlier than anticipated which was a welcome surprise as it was in time for dinner.   I was excited to try something new.


I made General Tso’s Chicken, something I would not likely make on my own.  My son was happy to help.


  • They provided 99% of what is needed and there is no waste.  For example, they included just two scallions
  • The directions were easy to follow
  • It arrived nicely packaged and labeled
  • It forced us to try something new


  • It is more steps than this home cook is used to.  However, I liked learning new skills that I can apply to other dishes.
  • My boys (6 years old and my husband) can be picky.  However, we did eat everything.
  • The ingredients are not organic

The two portion size worked for my small family.  I skipped the sauce for my son and I skipped the rice (which I would have done anyway).  I plan to try other services.  I am also looking at how to better plan meals for the week.  Please comment with any menu ideas and strategies that work for you.

Happy Cooking!




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