“When can I have a suit?” I ask my mom as we are picking up my Dad’s newly altered three-piece suit.

“Someday.  You are eight years old.” she replies.

“I can’t wait.  I am going to have the coolest suits when I am the boss.”

“You can be ANYTHING you want to BE and you certainly have boss characteristics.” she says with a smile.

Many years and many suits later, I did become a boss.  I wore suits in a time when pantsuits were not only frowned upon but strongly discouraged by my first employer.  I wore skirt suits and had to keep a constant supply of hosiery in my desk to address the ill-timed and horrifying run.  The uniform was a big part of my feeling of success.  I subscribed to the notion of dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have.

That conversation with my mom empowered me.  Both of my parents encouraged me to work hard and pursue my dreams.

Girls now have even more opportunity even as we all navigate so much anger and frustration with what is going on.

J.Crew has partnered with Girls Inc.

We are thrilled to partner with J.Crew to ensure that more girls have the opportunity to join the Girls Inc. crew and grow up healthy, educated, and independent. With support from J.Crew customers and employees, and through panel events, girls will be encouraged to achieve their highest potential and inspired to be strong, smart, and bold.

  • Judy Vredenburgh, Girls Inc. President & CEO

In honor of Day of the Girl, today, October 11, 2018, J.Crew will donate $5 for every purchase made through  For me it started with a dream (and a suit).  I am excited to put part of my shopping dollars towards empowering another generation of girls.

Here a few things I am considering in my cart today.

Obviously, these leopard pieces that are part of the Demylee X J. Crew collaboration:

Scarf / Hat / Pants / Jacket/ Dress

I love these two pairs of shoes for the holidays and beyond

Slingback / Mules

It’s a great time to pick up my favorite kicks that I have in three colors and wear all the time.  Yesterday I managed to wear all three with a few outfit changes.

Cheers to the girls!



Statement on Top

“I am putting blinders on.  I only need a dress.” I say to my mom as we head out for a quick shopping trip.  I don’t need anything else.  “Famous last words.” she says under her breath.

We head over the hill and to a relatively large Nordstrom for Los Angeles.  I make a beeline for the dresses and find this one (and it’s navy!).  It fits like a glove, but it is a tad too formal for the event I have in mind.

And then I see them…an amazing selection of statement blouses and it’s hard to choose just one.  Luckily, I find some companion pants on the sale rack (including this amazing dark navy that can play navy or black easily).

I found ensembles for not one, but two events.  A few days later I find this gorgeous blue top (below).  The color is much deeper than the online photos.

Here is what I have been up to lately…

Top (also here) / Pants (on sale!) / Shoes (similar here)

Top / Sunglasses / Sandals (similar here) / Kicks (on sale!) / Denim / Bag (similar here)

Top / Pants (on sale!) / Shoes (similar here)

Happy Shopping!



Mani Monday – Amour Edition

“What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?” asks the tall Dutch man I met earlier in the trip.

“Buy a house.  Get Married.” I respond with confidence even though I don’t even have a boyfriend.

“Why will you marry?” he asks.

“For love.” I respond without even thinking.

He smiles.  “How American.”

“What do you mean?  Why did you marry?” I ask.

“For tax reasons.  I am Dutch and my wife gets a lot out of it.  I love her and our son, but it is not a reason for marriage.”

I take a sip of my beer and turn to the Englishman in the group.

“Don’t ask me,  I am divorced.” he says with a laugh.

It was June 2001.  I was in Portugal traveling alone for a few days before meeting friends for a wedding in England.  I kept running into these two and we ended up getting a drink for my birthday and there was some dancing.

Less than seven years later I did marry for love.

The manicure and nail art are by MiniLuxe.

Items in the photos include:

Striped Kicks

Amour tee

New York Sweatshirt (the pink LOVE version is also cute)

Cork Sandals (so comfy!)

Green Jungle Cat Print Blouse

Blue and White Floral Blouse

Happy Monday!