Mani Friday – Blue Dog Edition

My son is playing a dog in his Kindergarten play today.  He loves dogs and often pretends to be one.  I am so excited to see him on stage.

The color is “Creekside” by CND Vinylux.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Have a great weekend!



Yellow Leopard

I love leopard is obviously an understatement for me.  When I saw this yellow leopard bracelet,  I instantly loved it.  I thought about for a few weeks.  I am trying to shop my closet these days and only buy what I really love.  I don’t mind spending on things I wear over and over again.  The worst is when you get caught up in the new styles and don’t wear something very often.  This bracelet stuck with me and once I bought it, I wore it right away (a good sign).    It is such a great pop of color and great nod to the Cartier Panthere bracelet without being a knockoff.  It’s fun and easy to wear.  I am styling it with one of my favorite shirts from J. Crew from last year (that I was thrilled to see again this year in the recent roll out), my favorite white jeans, and statement flats with pom-poms.  The shoes are sold out, but J. Crew has a lot of unique styles and colors in the latest roll out.


J. Crew Top / AG Jeans / J.Crew shoes / Bracelet

Everything is 30% off at J. Crew until April 29, 2016 with the code SCORE

The details on the bracelet


Next to a portrait of my son and I in the same shirt

Happy Shopping!





Pattern Play Times Three

When it comes to pattern mixing, sometimes more is best.  The floral blouse is one I loved when I first saw it and ordered it.   It’s light and breezy and has a great color palate to mix with my favorite navy or even these aqua jeans.  I like to either keep the tones similar (or let’s face it navy and white, my favorite) as I did in a post last week ,or go for it with a mix of at least three prints.FullSizeRender(66)IMG_3355IMG_3380

J. Crew Blouse / J.Crew Blazer / J. Crew Flats / AG Jeans

Everything at J. Crew is 30% off with the code SCORE through April 29, 2016

The jeans are on sale, plus 50% at Calypso

Happy Shopping!



B, Bee and Be

My maternal Grandmother’s name was B.  Actually it was her middle initial and she was only given a middle initial.  She really disliked her first name, which is a great name and one that became very popular a few years ago.  I won’t mention it here out of respect, she really disliked it that much.

B at sixteen

Grandmother B was feisty and spirited and also incredibly energetic, giving and kind.  She was nothing short of a dynamo.  She kept a vigorous fitness routine well into her early nineties.  My friends would often comment when we were in our twenties that “we did not work out nearly as much as your Grandmother”.  She made friends wherever she went.

Grandmother B was living a retirement community near my parents when a childhood friend’s Grandmother Roz moved in.  Grandmother B had only known my friend and had never met Roz.  My friend mentioned that Roz had just moved across the country to this same place after losing her husband and was having a hard time.  I mentioned it casually to my Grandmother and she tracked Roz down by waiting in the lobby for Roz to come back from a trip shopping and introduced herself.  They became besties.  It was so inspiring to see them build this great friendship so late in life when most people are set in their ways.

Roz and B

Grandmother B died the day before her 100th birthday almost five years ago.  The whole family was in town for her party.  She lived her life to the fullest and with gusto until the very end.

Grandmother B with my son on her 99th birthday

Whenever I see something with a bee on it, I want to buy it for her.  She had all sorts of bee sweaters and shirts.  So when I saw this at J.Crew, I had to have it.  It is also a bonus that it is about “BEE the change” and fifty percent of the retail cost will go to saving the bees.  More on that here.

Always fun to shop with adorable cookies


T-shirt / Regent Blazer (similar here) / J. Crew Jeans (similar here) / J. Crew Sandals (similar here)

The night before I saw the t-shirt I had an intention bracelet made with “BE ME”.  “BE ME” sounds so simple, but it is what I am working on.  J.Crew has a crewcuts version for this collection that says “Let me bee”. If we all bring our true selves to things, magic happens.  Grandmother B was very authentic and said what she meant and meant what she said (and did not always filter).  She also really did not care what others thought of her, she had fun.  She lived to be 100 years old, so there must be something to it.

Here’s to bee-ing ourselves.







Astrology and Lavender

I have a passion for astrology.  I’ve had my chart done a couple of times.  I consulted a vedic astrologer before my husband and I were engaged to learn about our compatibility.  She gave me some great advice like “always take two cars to a party because you will want to stay longer”.  We also consulted her before we were married and she helped choose a day and a time for our wedding.  My husband is not as interested or as much of a believer as I am, but he said “Sounds great.  I don’t need the planets lined up against me.”  Later I had his chart read and this was included in the summary, ” In fact, the women in your life may play out the part of you that is interested in New Age-y subjects, like astrology! ”  We are celebrating our eight wedding anniversary later this month.  So far, so good.

When I saw this blouse at Calypso, I had to have it!  It is currently on sale (!) along with the lavender jeans.  The sandals are a bargain and also from Calypso.



Lavender Jeans


Sale items are an additional 50% off at Calypso.

Happy Shopping!



Denim Polka-dots and Poppy

J.Crew had a great roll out this week.  There are so many great new shoes.  What is a shoe addict to do?  I love these denim polka-dot sloans!  I am styling them with my favorite lookout high-rise cropped white jeans, a pop of color with the sleeveless drapey top in poppy and the Regent Blazer in Chambray.  I have the sleeveless drapey top in navy, black, ivory and a khaki green that was last season.  It feels like a t-shirt, but reads like a blouse.  I wear them all the time. The poppy, navy, black and ivory are all on sale.FullSizeRender(41)



White Jeans

Top (on sale!)

Everything is 30% off on J.Crew with the code TIMETOSHOP through tomorrow, April 21, 2016 11:59 PM Eastern.


Happy Shopping!



Stripes and Pom-poms

I was lucky enough to grab the pom-pom shoes from J. Crew when they first came out (they were online only).  I have seen them pop up a couple of times in the sale section.  It may be worth a little sale stalking.  I was wearing them last week and saw the long sleeve tee.  The shoes insisted I buy it.  I am styling the shoes and pom-pom striped tee with my cropped high rise lookout white jeans from J.Crew to show off the pom-poms as well as pair of lavender AG jeans that are on sale at Calypso


Striped tee with pom-poms

Cropped White Jeans

Everything is 30% off on J.Crew with the code TIMETOSHOP through April 21, 2016 11:59 PM Eastern,



Lavender AG Jeans

Available at Calypso on sale plus an additional 50% off


Happy Shopping!



Boho and Stripes

I love the mix of a more bohemian look with my favorite stripes.  The top and jeans are from Calypso.  They have extended their friends and family sale, so  you can get them both at 25% off until 11:59 pm eastern today, April 18th. Use code FRIENDS16 . Update the top is on sale, plus 50% off.



White Jeans


The top is light and breezy and I love the detail on the tie.



The sandals are on sale at J.Crew.  I did not buy them right away and then they were sold out.  I was thrilled to pick them up on sale last week. – Update they are sold outHere is another style that would go well with this look.FullSizeRender(33)FullSizeRender(30)

Happy Shopping!