Sailing through Santa Barbara

My husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary earlier this week.  We got away for one night to Santa Barbara where we were engaged and married.  We had perfect weather just like we did nine years ago.

I styled my “Hello, Sailor” Tee (a gift from J. Crew for National Stripes Day), with slim boyfriend jeans, Piper Sunglasses, New Balance kicks and a striped clutch.


Limited Edition National Stripes Day T-shirt in “Hello Sailor” c/o J. Crew

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

J. Crew Slim Boyfriend Jean

New Balance for J. Crew 620 Sneakers

J. Crew Striped Clutch (similar here and here)

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Sensual Rose

Happy Shopping!



Modern Suiting

Double Breasted?  Tweed?  Solid? I started thinking about my first suit as early as I can remember.  I think it was Kindergarten.  I remember my first tweed suit (with a skirt of course) that I got for intern interviews in college.  I have lost count of the suits I have had over the years.  I currently have only three.  I recently had a meeting where I needed to be dressed up, but most certainly not in a matched suit.  I wanted to style the pants from one of my Theory suits, the other is Hugo Boss.  I went out in search of a jacket and found not one, but two, that worked well with the pants and my favorite leopard print accessories

Theory Jacket Tweed

Theory Jacket White

Theory Pants (similar here)

J. Crew Shoes (similar here and here)

J. Crew Belt (similar here and here)

J. Crew Blouse (similar here)

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Sensual Rose

Happy Shopping!




Casual Stripes

Casual, cozy, cashmere stripes in my favorite blue and white.  Spring in Los Angeles can be warm, but also breezy.  This lightweight cashmere sweater is perfect.  I styled it with high-rise jeans, bright pink loafers and my favorite Legend of Lido clutch.  My seven year old snapped the photos.


Calypso Striped Cashmere Sweater (similar here and here)

Legend of Lido Jaipur Clutch c/o

J. Crew Lookout High Rise Jeans

Prada Driving Shoes (similar here and here)

Happy Shopping!



Mani Monday – Ninth Anniversary Edition

J  & J forever!  Our wedding invitation monogram lives on.  It’s no secret that I love a good monogram.  We created this one for our wedding invitations and stationery nine years ago.  My mom surprised us on our wedding day with monogrammed champagne glasses. We added a little color (our favorite blues) and personalized our bedding and towels a few years ago.  I thought it was a tall order to turn it into nail art, but the nail artists at Olive & June are nothing short of amazing.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Ballerina” by Chanel.

Items featured in the photos include:

J. Crew Shirting Striped Top

J. Crew Gingham Blazer (on sale!)

J. Crew for New Balance Striped Pullover (on sale!)

Happy Monday!




Stripes Save the Day

“Mommy, come see these underground shops.” my seven year old says.   It’s the last day of our Spring Break in Seattle.

“Underground? Do you mean the tunnels of old Seattle by Pioneer Square?”  “No, these shops.” He points to a hallway with a series of shops outside of Shuckers the restaurant at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel where we just finished lunch. I follow him down the hallway and spot a leopard print lining in a yellow raincoat. I stop in my tracks.

Stripes. It was only two more days until National Stripes Day (a holiday J. Crew created). Truth be told, I’d stop for stripes any time of the year.

In the shop window I see a gorgeous navy and white striped rain jacket. I have been schlepping around Seattle in my perfectly functional black Marmot jacket that I picked up at Costco over 10 years ago. It has served me well, but I have been a little jealous of my son the whole trip because he has been running around Seattle in a stylish St. James navy rain jacket with soft blue and white striped lining (the same fabric as their famous shirts). I bought him the jacket in Paris in 2014.

“Isn’t that lovely?” The store owner walks over “its Saint James.  It’s perfect for you”  Little does she know my son has one upstairs that is a perfect match.  I try it on both hoping it does not fit and wanting it to be perfect at the same time. The arms are too short. Sigh. I try the next size. It’s perfect.

“It’s only $320”

“Of course you think that is a good deal.  It’s surrounded by Bogner and four digit coats.” I text a photo of it to my husband. I’m disappointed it’s the last day and we don’t have all of our photos in this jacket that would look so perfect with my son’s.

I must think about it.   I make it as far as another shop that has Sugarfina candy . My seven year old starts hitting the samples hard and lobbying for multiple candies.

My husband texts back:

“Cool jacket.  For what?”

“I have no decent jackets”

“Anniversary and Mother’s Day?”



I consider the jacket and picture myself wearing it.  “Mommy can I have three?”  “Three what?  No, you can pick one”  “Really?  Yay!”  He settles on gummy sugar lips and we plan to share them with my nephews that evening.

I head straight back and buy the coat. I really have not had a good rain jacket for a while, besides navy and white stripes go with everything.

We run up to the hotel room to freshen up. I change my Chanel lip stain to one that will pop with the coat and off we go to catch the light rail to the suburbs.



“The sun is shining”.   We shuffle quickly to the light rail.

“I love your darling matching coats. You look so cute” A woman says as we are almost to the escalator

“Thank you very much”

Suddenly I remember and sigh loudly.

“What mama?”

“We forgot your booster.  Ugh you are almost big enough to go without it”

“We need to go get it.”

We run back to the hotel, all the way up to our floor.  He grabs the room key and runs ahead to get it. He runs back with the booster. We hustle back and just miss a train.

I am exhausted from all the running. My son puts the booster on a bench near the security guard and sits down on it. We ask the security guard “how long until the next 124?”

He responds “A few more minutes.  You just missed one.”

I check my watch and text my brother. We are cutting us close to make school pick up. A combination of light rail trains and buses keep coming. A few minutes later we finally see the light rail we are looking for. We hold hands and step on and find one seat for my son. The doors are painted with penguins and a sign that says “Don’t huddle near the door”.  I snap a photo and smile.

At the next stop it hits me again, the booster. “We forgot your booster.”  He calmly says “Again?  Oh no”.

A well-dressed man is eavesdropping “You should get off and cross over and catch the train to go back for it.”

We leave the train and cross over hoping to catch a train quickly. I approach the security guard. “We left our booster seat at the University Station.  Can you radio them?”

After a few minutes, we are still not sure if it is there. In the meantime he gets us on a bus back by special arrangement as we have only our train tickets.

We arrive and run over to the security officer.  He is holding the booster. He says with a thick Russian accent, “Yes, it is you the lady and the boy in the stripes. A woman with a stroller tried to say it was hers right after you left. I said no that does not belong to you. You are not the fashionable lady with the cute kid in the stripes”.

“Thank you so much.”

We wait only a short time for our train.  This time there are two seats together.  I clutch the booster tightly.  A woman looks at us, smiles and says “Your jackets are so cute.”  “Thank you.” I smile back and think to myself, “Best purchase ever.”

Crewcuts Slim Jeans in Wrinkle Rinse / Crewcuts Slim Jeans in Well-Worn Wash  Crewcuts Sunnies / Lookout Jeans/ Piper Sunglasses / New York Tee/ Stan Smith



Triple Stripes

Triple stripes?  Why not?  For this look I styled a shirting striped top with a striped clutch (similar here and here), a striped silk scarf (thank you J. Crew!) as a bracelet, Piper sunglasses in ocean, white denim and denim pom-pom flats.


J. Crew Striped Shirt

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

J. Crew Silk Scarf c/o

J. Crew Shoes (older style, these and these would look great)

J. Crew Clutch (older style, similar here and here)

AG Prima Denim

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Pink Bluff

Happy Shopping!



Tea Time

Matcha Lemonade?  Yes, please.  I returned to Holy Matcha in San Diego to try a few more items on their menu.  The Easter decorations were gorgeous and for the weekend they had a rose wall, this time in ombre.   We tried the matcha lemonade, an iced matcha latte, avocado toast and a pink doughnut (that was vegan, gluten free and organic).  Everything was delicious.

For the outing I went with a neutral white pom-pom sweatshirtslim boyfriend jeans, demin pom-pom shoes (other options here and here) and pops of pink with my bag and sunglasses.   I also visited during their grand opening Holy Matcha!.


J. Crew Pom-Pom Sweatshirt

J. Crew Jane Sunglasses

J. Crew Signet Bag

J. Crew Pom (similar here)

J. Crew Slim Boyfriend Jeans (also similar here)

J. Crew Shoes (these and these would look great)

Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Pink Bluff

Happy Shopping!



Mani Monday – Easter Eggs Edition

We enjoyed a long weekend with family to celebrate Easter which included an Easter egg hunt, dying eggs and lots of candy.  I love all the pastels of the season. It was fun to choose not one, but five for this week’s mani.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The colors are all CND Vinylux and are: Creekside, Sun Bleached, Cake Pop, Mint Convertible and Wisteria Haze.  They also have the best top coat.

Items in the photos:

J. Crew Liberty Blazer (on sale!)

J. Crew Floral Bandana

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy

J. Crew Striped Bell Sleeve Top

Prada Sandals

Le Creuset Baker (on sale!)

Happy Monday!



Double Leopard

Sometimes less is more.  In fact, that is usually my motto.  Then there are times when more is more.  For this look I doubled down on leopard print.  This equipment blouse is the same cut as I recently discovered in Happy Anniversary – Navy Leopard.  I kept the rest of the look simple with black skinny jeans, leopard heels and a gold clutch.


Equipment Adalyn Blouse

J. Crew Leopard Heels (similar here and here)

J. Crew Toothpick Jeans

Gold Clutch (similar here and here)

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Darling Pink

Happy Shopping!



Breezy Malibu

It was a recent easy, breezy Sunday in Malibu. It was finally sandal weather (and I had just gotten a pedicure), but still breezy enough to warrant a wrap.  This one was my something blue on my wedding day almost nine years ago.  It is cashmere and super cozy without being too warm.  I styled it with my favorite gingham cocktail shirt, paint splattered denim (similar here), Piper sunglasses and a pop of pink with my Signet bag.


J. Crew Cocktail Shirt (on sale!)

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

J. Crew Signet Bag in Fuchsia Bloom

J. Crew Pom (similar here)

J. Crew Jeans (similar here)

J. Crew Sandals (these and these would look great)

White + Warren Cashmere Wrap

Happy Shopping!