Reunions, Memories and Milestones

High School Graduation 1986

Thirty Years!?   Last weekend I attended my thirty year high school reunion.  I attended the ten year and did not manage to go to the twenty or twenty-five.  I wanted to, there just was a lot going on those years.  I had heard that the thirty year was the best.  At the ten year everyone wants to show what they have accomplished.  At the thirty year everyone just seems more real and that was certainly the case.   Our class had a great turnout including several people who traveled internationally.

My father has managed to attend all his reunions in Alabama (he lives in California).  That has always inspired me to make the effort.  Life is short and precious and you never know how many reunions you will have the opportunity to attend.  It is a milestone.  Facebook is great for reconnecting with classmates and keeping up with their adventures, but there is something special about reconnecting in person.  Everyone remembers and tells different stories and it is so fun to relive memories (and laugh like a seventeen year old again).  New memories are created with old friends and not just the friends you already see regularly.  My friends and I all agreed we will attend every five years.

As excited as I was to go, I still had some last minute packing and outfit selection anxiety.  I decided to go with my favorite white jeans, a fabulous sequined top that is on sale at Calypso, and my striped heels and clutch from J.Crew.  One of my classmates commented that I was the preppiest person they have ever known, so J. Crew stripes for evening wear was no surprise.


Calypso Sequined Top (on sale!)

AG White Jeans here and here

J. Crew Clutch (sold out) but this one or this one would work and it is 40% with code SUMMER

J. Crew Shoes (sold out), but these or these would look great.

White and Warren Cashmere Wrap

Here’s  to milestones and memories!




2 thoughts on “Reunions, Memories and Milestones

  1. Fun post!! Love your outfit! I live in my White and Warren travel wrap – I have a deep blue one and just got a gorgeous fuschia on big sale last month – score!


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