I’ll take Paris and the Vineyard

We thoroughly enjoyed our week on Martha’s Vineyard with our East Coast family.  My son and niece are both only children, so it is great for them to have cousin time.  We dominated both Monopoly games, but really need to work on our Ticket to Ride skills.  The Martha’s Vineyard Airport is so charming.  My husband and our luggage returned to Los Angeles, while my son and I stopped in Boston for three nights.  Tune in tomorrow for a post on that leg of the trip.  Until next year MVY…



J. Crew Hat (on sale!)

J. Crew T-Shirt

J. Crew Sunglasses

J. Crew New Balance Kicks

J. Crew Jeans (similar here and here)

J. Crew Cardigan (similar here and on sale!)

Happy Shopping!



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