Be the Shoe – Book Party

I recently attended a Book Party for life coach Kathy Kelada’s new book “Be the Shoe”

Kelada has made breakthroughs with clients through shoe metaphors and was inspired to write the book as a result.  It’s a beautiful book and a unique approach to self-help. I for one am ready for some “Closet Therapy”.

“Be the Shoe” makes a perfect gift for all the women in your life.  The hand painted water colors of various shoes are stunning.   As I wrote in Shoes Tell the Story, I have always said that shoes tell the story of your life.  This book illustrates that in ways that will surprise you.

You can purchase it here.

Author Kathy Kelada



When I was getting dressed for the party I was focused on the shoes given the title and chose my favorite J. Crew navy sequined flats.  Little did I know my blazer would coordinate so well with the book.

J. Crew Blazer (this was previously sold out, but as of press time a few sizes are available!)

Saint James Striped Tee

J. Crew Velvet Clutch it also comes in Satin in black or pink

J. Crew Jeans

J. Crew Flats (older style) but these navy suede heels or these navy and pink colorblock heels would look great

Happy Gifting!



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