Favorite Color

The favorites of many unify into one.  This mural, “Favorite Color” by Roy McMakin, was created by asking people their favorite color.  He then presented them with of 4 to 6 swatches and asked them to choose the one that was closest to their favorite color.  You can read more about the mural and the process here  and here (including some controversy about if blue really is the most popular color).

It is so bright and cheerful and I love the grid.  I decided to highlight orange (even though blue is clearly my favorite color) as I loved the pop.  I styled my J. Crew cuffed striped shirt, Hermes Maxi-Twilly, J. Crew Signet Bag in Bright Sea, J. Crew Black Toothpick Jeans and Tod’s Driving Moccasins in orange.  I am walking into 2017 inspired by the full spectrum of color.


J. Crew Top

Hermes Maxi-Twilly similar here and here

J. Crew Signet Bag in Bright Sea

J. Crew Black Toothpick Jeans

Tod’s Shoes

Happy Shopping!



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