Eight Years

A lot can happen in eight years.  Eight years ago I was a newlywed in a job that was not a good fit. My beloved and I were struggling to conceive and were given a discouraging outlook on our fertility.  A neighbor had arranged a meeting with the woman who would become my future boss in a new career in Education, but we rescheduled so everyone could watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama.  We met the next week.  She had hundreds of candidates for a Director position and only agreed to meet with me as a courtesy to our mutual friend.  Luckily, we hit is off and I started on a three month, ten-person committee interview process.  During the long interview process and wait we ran over a rock in a rain storm and caused substantial damage to our car.  I managed to burn my leg after a spin class with a heating pad (Don’t ask.).  One day I said enough is enough.  I burned some sage to clear out all of the negativity energy and as the flame was going out, the phone rang.  It was my job offer.  Things started to change.  Miraculously – our odds were just five percent – I was pregnant by June.

Eight years later.  Our son is about to turn seven.  We built a house.  I reinvented my career.  Again.  We have traveled.  We lost my father-in-law and Grandmother.  A lot has happened. A lot has changed.  I felt hopeful eight years ago, despite all the obstacles we faced as a family of two.  I remain hopeful now, even though it is more challenging.  In another eight years, I will have a teenager who will likely be taller than me.  We will be using technology that is only someone’s great idea currently.  The world will change, I hope for the better.  In the meantime, I am grateful for all the opportunities my family and I have.  I am wearing red, white and blue because patriotism is not determined by our country’s leadership. It is in the system that enables a peaceful transition of power for the 44th time.


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Here’s to being hopeful.



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