This has been one of my toughest weeks in a while. On the plus side, it was rewarding.

I had braced myself for my husband’s recovery from minor surgery. Turns out the procedure was not as minor as we’d anticipated.  I am proud of how, in the face of our unexpected challenge that we made more lemonade than we have made in a while.  I am more appreciative of all that he does on a daily basis.  We also took the opportunity to revisit what our seven year-old can for himself.  We discovered that he is more capable when we are not rushing to get things done and we just let him do things on his own.  My family feels stronger than ever even though one of us can’t walk without assistance right now.

I am making lemonade with this beaded lemon t-shirt from J. Crew.  I styled it with a jean jacket, white jeans and my yellow jellies.

jcrew lemon jack rogers flatlay

J. Crew Denim Jacket

J. Crew Beaded Lemons T-Shirt

AG Prima Jeans

Jack Rogers “Georgica”  (similar here and here)

Here is to making lemondade.

Happy Shopping!



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