Black and Blue Rules

Running late and the first to arrive.  Twice this week I have overslept or run late and still managed to be not only on time but also the first to arrive.  It made me realize that maybe I can push it and not play it so safe all the time.  I don’t play my fashion choices nearly as safe as I did in my youth.  You never would have seen me combine blue and black. At the time it  almost seemed as crazy as white after Labor Day (another thing you will catch me doing now).

I will still wear a seat belt, make sure my kid is in his booster correctly, secure my house, buy organic produce and drive much differently than I did as a teenager.  But when it comes to fashion, I am challenging old rules.

I styled the graphic tee with a sweater blazer (love the stripes on the cuff and the inside), high rise “true black” jeans and navy sequined flats.


Sweater Blazer here or here


Sunglasses (on sale!)

High -Rise Black Jeans

Shoes (older style these and these would look great)

Happy Shopping!



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