Astrology and Lavender

I have a passion for astrology.  I’ve had my chart done a couple of times.  I consulted a vedic astrologer before my husband and I were engaged to learn about our compatibility.  She gave me some great advice like “always take two cars to a party because you will want to stay longer”.  We also consulted her before we were married and she helped choose a day and a time for our wedding.  My husband is not as interested or as much of a believer as I am, but he said “Sounds great.  I don’t need the planets lined up against me.”  Later I had his chart read and this was included in the summary, ” In fact, the women in your life may play out the part of you that is interested in New Age-y subjects, like astrology! ”  We are celebrating our eight wedding anniversary later this month.  So far, so good.

When I saw this blouse at Calypso, I had to have it!  It is currently on sale (!) along with the lavender jeans.  The sandals are a bargain and also from Calypso.



Lavender Jeans


Sale items are an additional 50% off at Calypso.

Happy Shopping!



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