Gemini and the Ark

My birthday month has begun.  I am not usually someone who celebrates the whole month, but as the years pass they feel more significant.  It is a privilege to get older as I wrote last year (The Privilege of Getting Older).  This upcoming birthday ends with a 9 and rather than get myself worked up for a decade birthday next year, I am embracing it now (at least that is the plan).

This is also always a busy time where my mind races and there is much to accomplish.  The school year is ending which has always impacted both my family life and my career.  I put myself through an annual performance review.  And if you believe in astrology,  the mind does race when the moon is in Gemini and we all have Gemini in us ( I happen to have a lot in my chart in addition to it being my sign).

I was thrilled to open my first present last night.  The Cult Gaia Ark bag that I have been coveting for a long time.  I was unsure about which size to order and went with the large.  It is perfect!  Get ready to see it styled over and over in my posts this summer.

In the meantime, my seven year old son snapped a few photos with the outfit I was wearing when I walked in the door, which demonstrates just how versatile the bag is.  My son and husband were both concerned about the contents being visible.  My husband’s late mother always told him “you never ask a woman’s age or to look in her bag”.  I reminded them of all of my cute pouches.


cult gaia st. james jcrew prada flatlay

J. Crew Stretch Blazer

St. James for J. Crew Sleeveless Striped Top

J. Crew Paint Splatter Jeans (similar here and here)

Cult Gaia Ark bag in large

Prada Driving Shoes (similar here and here)

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy

Happy Shopping!



Mani Friday – Plain White Edition

I love white in summer – white jeans, a white dress, a crisp white shirt.  Until this week, I had never worn white nail polish.  I had decided I wanted it on my toes this week.  I also rarely match my manicure and pedicure.  I had a conversation with a friend who always matches.  She attributed it to her Virgo nature.  It stuck with me and I had to overcome my Gemini nature of not always being able to decide and choose just one color.  I liked it so much, that I decided to skip the art this week.  The plain white is the art.  I also had plain white on the brain as I was headed to a Summer concert to see The Plain White Ts.  They were amazing!

The color is “Amazing Grace” by Deborah Lippmann.  The manicure is by Olive & June.

Happy Friday!



Astrology and Lavender

I have a passion for astrology.  I’ve had my chart done a couple of times.  I consulted a vedic astrologer before my husband and I were engaged to learn about our compatibility.  She gave me some great advice like “always take two cars to a party because you will want to stay longer”.  We also consulted her before we were married and she helped choose a day and a time for our wedding.  My husband is not as interested or as much of a believer as I am, but he said “Sounds great.  I don’t need the planets lined up against me.”  Later I had his chart read and this was included in the summary, ” In fact, the women in your life may play out the part of you that is interested in New Age-y subjects, like astrology! ”  We are celebrating our eight wedding anniversary later this month.  So far, so good.

When I saw this blouse at Calypso, I had to have it!  It is currently on sale (!) along with the lavender jeans.  The sandals are a bargain and also from Calypso.



Lavender Jeans


Sale items are an additional 50% off at Calypso.

Happy Shopping!