Keeping Cool in Blue and White

My penchant for blue and white is no secret.  I love the eyelet with the navy blue of this t-shirt. It works so well with my favorite striped flats and white jeans.  The hat has a dark chambray band and is a lifesaver now that the June gloom has departed and it is sunny and hot in Southern California.  J. Crew has a great selection of hats.  I recently bought two and they have been in constant rotation. Between the hat and this t-shirt that doesn’t read like a t-shirt, this outfit kept me cool in the 100 degree heat.


J. Crew Top (40% off with code TUESDAY through 11:59 pm today,  June 21, 2016)

J. Crew Hat

J. Crew Striped Shoes (on sale!)

AG Jeans at Calypso

Lip Gloss by Lipstick Queen Big Bang in Creation

Happy Shopping!



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