Canadian Tuxedo

I have Bing Crosby to thank for this look.  The expression “Canadian Tuxedo” is due to Bing being refused service at a hotel in Vancouver, BC due to his all denim ensemble.  Levi’s heard about it and presented him a tuxedo made of denim.


I have worn denim on denim a couple of times (here and here), but I have never paired a denim jacket with denim.  I was wearing this denim jacket with colored denim when I tried on these slim boyfriend jeans and I loved the look so much I left the store in my new jeans.  It brought back cutting the tag in the dressing room with my mom when I was a kid (and what my son often does as he is so excited to wear his new item).  That look included a striped shirt and striped flats.

For this look, I added heels, leopard print and my beloved Luna bag.


Denim Jacket

Leopard Tee (similar here, here and here)

AG Ex_Boyfriend Slim Jeans

Luna Bag (also here)

Sandals (these and these would also be cute)

Happy Styling!



Love and a Jean Jacket

“You were wearing a jean jacket when I met you. It was your signature look.  Your hair was much longer.” said my husband as we bump into each other in our kitchen.

“That’s right I had them in a few colors.  Was I wearing denim or colored denim?” I replied.

“The first date was denim and then you continued to wear different colors.”  I do remember him commenting that I had a lot of little jackets and a lot of shoes.  I think his MBA brain was calculating what I must have spent on clothes (more than I do now actually) and wondering if this would be a good investment.

Here we are almost twelve years later, and I have been wrestling with how to end my shopping detox.  This denim jacket was technically a gift from by husband for Valentine’s Day.  He returned one of the jeans I picked up for him (that I mentioned here) which were subject to a store credit and insisted I get the jacket.  I have been searching for the perfect jean jacket for a while.  I have had a couple from J. Crew that I love like this and this, but I am 5’9 and they are just a tad short with certain looks. I also like this one from Madewell.

So now I have to ponder, if I have broken the detox with his gift?  I feel a certain pressure to make this first purchase count.  As I have mentioned, I am coveting this bag and a few others have joined the short list like this one and this one.  In the meantime I am pulling out a few bags from my closet again.  From a financial perspective not buying a bunch of little stuff to then make an investment in a bag may or may not pencil out, but in terms of being more conscious of my purchases it does.

I have created a new uniform with my new jean jacket.  Add stripes, shoes and a scarf and voila.  The uniform has taken me to all kinds of events this past week.


Jean Jacket

Saint James Striped Shirt

Hermes Scarf (similar here, here and here)

Camo Clutch (also in this fun stripe)

Orange Driving Shoes

AG Navy Jeans (also here)

Sunglasses (similar here and here)

A couple of other options that I wore last week.

Pink Sunglasses (similar herehere and here)

Pink Striped Shirt (similar here )

Hermes Twilly (similar here)

Pink Loafers (similar here and here)

Leopard Flats (similar here and here)

Orange Hermes Twilly (similar here and here)

Happy Styling!



40 Days and Counting

“It takes 40 days to really make a change” I heard recently.  That spurred me to blow past the 28 shopping detox challenge I set for myself at the end of the year.  I made it to  40 days almost a week ago.  Today I almost bought myself a pair of jeans when I was shopping for Valentine’s gifts for my family.  Before you say “wait a minute, I thought you said no shopping.”, remember the challenge included clothes (for me), shoes, purses and cosmetics.  I have not done much shopping for my family.  I love these AG 360 Prima jeans (pictured below).  They are so comfortable.  I was thrilled to find out they have the 360 in my husband’s favorite cut, the Graduate.  I picked up a couple of pairs for him and was tempted by this Middi cut for me.  I decided to wait.

I am also tempted by a few new arrivals from J. Crew and I did just receive my reward card in the mail…so the detox may end soon.  I have my eye on this embroidered top, this floral tank, this Liberty popover,  and these sandals.

In the meantime, I styled my 360 denim with a Drake’s top (there is a similar option that is now on sale!) and my Lilleth bag.


Drake’s Top (similar here and here)

Lilleth Bag

Leopard Flats (similar here, here and here)

AG Prima Denim

Sunglasses (similar here and here)

Happy Styling!



Rugby Soft

This rugby shirt brings me back to high school, only I don’t remember my rugby shirts being this soft.  J. Crew has done an excellent job of bring back their 1984 rugby shirt and making it slimmer and softer (than at least I remember).   I have it in two of the three colors; I am tempted to make it a rugby trifecta with the olive and champagne version.  I featured the blue and white here.  All three colors are now on back order, but they will be worth the wait.  I have worn both shirts with everything from jeans to shorts to skirts and dressed them up and down.

I styled the pink and navy with dark denim, sparkly flats and a custom Parker Thatch canvas clutch.



Rugby Shirt

Canvas Pouch


Shoes (older style these and these would look great)

Happy Shopping!



Flower Power

I just got back from San Francisco where the anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love is in full swing.  Check back next week for more on my adventures.  It was fun to spend some time in the city where I spent my twenties with my travel loving seven year old.

In the meantime, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to a close and I wanted to share two more floral looks.  I styled this floral blouse with these pants and pink suede shoes.  The shoes are almost sold out, but I think these and these would both look great.  I styled the same shoes with this blouse and jeans.  The sale end this Sunday, August 6th.

For the rest of my sale selections click here.








Happy Shopping!



Reindeer Games

I love that this holiday tee is in my favorite navy blue.  The navy lace reindeer are the perfect subtle festive pop that I could picture still wearing in January.  I styled the t-shirt with my go-to J. Crew Black Watch Blazer, blue velvet clutch, glitter heels and AG Middi Denim.  It was the perfect outfit for an afternoon performance of the Nutcracker with my son.  It was our fourth annual and a tradition we both enjoy.

J. Crew Blazer

J.Crew T-shirt

J. Crew Velvet Clutch also available in Black Satin

J. Crew Shoes

AG Jeans

Happy Shopping!




Keeping Cool in Blue and White

My penchant for blue and white is no secret.  I love the eyelet with the navy blue of this t-shirt. It works so well with my favorite striped flats and white jeans.  The hat has a dark chambray band and is a lifesaver now that the June gloom has departed and it is sunny and hot in Southern California.  J. Crew has a great selection of hats.  I recently bought two and they have been in constant rotation. Between the hat and this t-shirt that doesn’t read like a t-shirt, this outfit kept me cool in the 100 degree heat.


J. Crew Top (40% off with code TUESDAY through 11:59 pm today,  June 21, 2016)

J. Crew Hat

J. Crew Striped Shoes (on sale!)

AG Jeans at Calypso

Lip Gloss by Lipstick Queen Big Bang in Creation

Happy Shopping!



Lavender on Repeat

Who knew lavender could be such a basic.  I debated buying these lavender jeans.  I wear them almost as much as white jeans.  They look great with my favorite navy blue and also work well with leopard print, so for me they are a neutral.   I have previously featured them in this post and this post. This is a look I put together for a celebration in my son’s Kindergarten classroom that was followed by a flight and a party.  Tune in tomorrow for more on where I went and what I celebrated.  Everything in this post is on sale and linked below.


J. Crew Blazer (on sale!)

J. Crew Sleeveless Drapey Top (on sale!)

J. Crew striped flats (on sale!)

J. Crew Belt similar here

AG Jeans (on sale!)

Happy Shopping!



Denim on Denim

I can never have enough denim.  I love this Western Shirt from J. Crew and I love pairing denim in different washes.  My jeans are AG in 360 Contour.  They are so incredibly comfortable.  As the name suggests they stretch in all directions and completely keep their shape.  I have them in the Prima which has a slightly higher rise.  I added a new J. Crew necklace in my favorite navy and my J. Crew liberty flats to add a little pop of color.


J. Crew Western Denim Shirt

J. Crew Necklace

J. Crew Shoes

AG Denim 360 Contour

Happy Shopping!



Santa Barbara Mother’s Day

From the time I can remember my earliest memory, I wanted to be a mother.  I thought about what my kids would be like, where I would live and taking them to school.  I pictured at least three to four kids.  I did not waver from this.  I wanted a career as well and  wanted to establish that first and then juggle it all.  I carefully watched others in the workplace do their juggling act and had concerns about how it would be done and where the sacrifices would be made.

I took me a long time to find my husband and along the way I had multiple careers.  We had our son later in life and it was not easy to get pregnant.  I feel so grateful that I am now a mother and also know that Mother’s Day is a tough day for a lot of people.  My third date with my husband was the night before Mother’s Day, ten years ago.  He had lost his mother twelve years before that.  It was a hard day for him.  For many years it was hard for me too, waiting for my turn and wondering when and if it would happen.

I feel honored and lucky to be the mother of my incredible son.  He constantly surprises me with his old soul knowledge and then follows it up with silly  Kindergarten antics. He and my husband planned a very special day for me that included a drive to Santa Barbara and a lovely brunch at The Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch.  We had recently celebrated our Anniversary with an amazing meal at their other restaurant Plow and Angel .  My husband had the brilliant idea to do a day trip for their Mother’s Day Brunch.  It was flawless.



Quick stop at the Biltmore to look at Beanie Babies
Beautiful menu at The Stonehouse
Entrance to The San Ysidro Ranch
Amazing Meal
Gorgeous Dessert Buffet
Learning to make Creme Brulee


Exploring the San Ysidro Adobe built in 1825
Always about the shoes

Outfit details:

Me: J. Crew Liberty Flats, J. Crew Blazer (on sale!), J. Crew Sleeveless Drapey top (on sale!), AG Jeans

My husband:  J. Crew Shirt, J. Crew New Balance Shoes (similar here), AG Jeans

My son: J.Crew shirt (similar here), J. Crew shoes (similar here), Joe’s Jeans