All Aboard

My son’s childhood is flying by.  He will surprise me with his deep knowledge on a topic (usually cars).  He has always loved vehicles.  He started with garbage trucks.  Garbage day was like Christmas with all three trucks coming to pick up.  The next obsession was trains.

A favorite weekend activity for us has been to visit Travel Town in Griffith Park.  They have an extensive collection of old train cars and even a few you can climb aboard.  They also have a miniature train that goes around the property.  We have been over twenty times starting when he was two. It has always been special Mommy and son time.

My husband decided to join us this past Saturday.  After we rode the train, my son informed us that he really prefers cars now, except for the Live Steamer Trains  at the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum (which only run on Sundays and are right next to Travel Town).   It made me realize just how fast he is growing up and how his interests can change just like that.  I am grateful that we made the time to visit Travel Town together so many times when he loved it so much and we have such great memories.  The Saturday mornings we spent together at Travel Town were precious uninterrupted time. While his childhood is flying by and fleeting, those moments and memories stay with me.

We are definitely going to go ride the Live Steamers next Sunday before he loses interest.  The third Sunday of the month,  Walt’s Barn is also open.  It includes some amazing Walt Disney and railroad memorabilia and was moved from his Holmby Hills property to the museum (more on the history here).   If you have little ones or enjoy old trains and history, I highly recommend Travel Town, the Live Steamer Trains and Walt’s Barn.  The third Sunday of the month is a great way to hit all three.

It was a warm, but not too hot day.  I opted for white jeans, sandals, my favorite drapey sleeveless top (that I have featured here and here) and a new favorite hat to keep me cool.



J. Crew Hat

J. Crew Top

J. Crew Sandals or these would look great as well.

AG Prima Jeans

Happy Shopping!



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