East River Sailing Club

Sailing the East River? That sounds fun. A friend and I kayaked the Hudson River one afternoon. We were alongside the garbage barges at various points. When I lived in New York City I lived in the West Village and occasionally walked home from work along the Hudson River. I did not spend that much time on the East Side, except for a few restaurants, uptown shopping and museums, of course. The one thing I really miss about New York is how easily accessible things were in comparison to Los Angeles. Sporting events, concerts, museums were all just a subway ride or (usually) quick cab ride away. I LOVED not having a car. I went to a lot more of these events. I’m sure accessibility had a lot to do with it. It’s a major hassle to get across Los Angeles to an event at most times of day. I’m on the West Side and I feel like Pasadena is another world.

While I lived in Manhattan I did and saw a lot. I had lots of visitors and did just about every touristy thing, too. It was a lot of fun. I have been trying to make sure my family does not stay too insulated in our little corner of Los Angeles. In yesterday’s post I talked about our trips to Griffith Park. We try to explore different areas as often as possible.

This t-shirt made me long for a New York trip this summer. We are heading East soon, but not to New York. In the meantime,  I’ll think about sailing the East River and my next trip to New York. I love the blue of this t-shirt and I styled it with my Liberty Gemma flats and favorite white jeans.



J. Crew T-shirt (on sale plus 50% with code 48HOURS )

J. Crew shoes (on sale plus 50% with code 48HOURS )

AG Prima Jeans

Happy Shopping!



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