Black and White and Read All Over

I remember my Grandmother teaching me the riddle “What’s black and white and red all over?” when I was about my son’s age.  I thought it was so clever.  We recently starting  subscribing to the  Sunday New York Times again after a long stretch of getting our news online.  I missed having a paper and also feel like my son should grow up with one in the house.  It is great that you can search and find things online and my husband is a big fan of flipboard, but there is something about the tactile experience.  My son asks me to read him sections and looks at the photographs.

I moved from San Francisco to New York in 1999 as a result of the Sunday Times.  One Sunday I saw an add announcing a new consulting firm that sounded interesting.  I wrote a cover letter and sent my resume that day.  I ended up moving across the country and being employee eighty-nine of what became a very successful start up.  I never would have known about the company if not for a Sunday where I took more time than usual to read the paper.

I take my time reading it now.  Sometimes I am catching an article on a Tuesday afternoon with my lunch.  It is not about the headlines and being up to the minute.  It is about enjoying the experience.  And I am finding articles I likely would not have found online.


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J. Crew Ryan Sunglasses in Blush

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Happy Shopping!



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