Plaid Tidings

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I broke out more plaid.  Last night it was finally time for my six year old to open the first box on his Hot Wheels Advent Calendar.  He is all about cars and when we saw this 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 8 at the amazing Cardiff Classics, we knew it was a perfect match with my ruffled plaid top.

I styled the top with my favorite plaid flats that I featured in It’s time for Plaid! (along with a scalloped heel version) my black toothpick jeans, velvet clutch and Ryan sunglasses all by J. Crew.


J. Crew Top

J. Crew Velvet Clutch also available in satin

J. Crew Black Toothpick Jeans

J. Crew Ryan Sunglasses in Blush

J. Crew Shoes (not many left, but I do keep seeing them pop back, so don’t give up)

Happy Shopping!



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