Mani Monday – Mad for Plaid Edition

It is no secret that I am mad for plaid.  My first nail art was a plaid nail like this one with red nails a year ago.  I have been hooked on nail art every since.  My love of plaid is shown in It’s time for Plaid! , Plaid and Leopard, Pink and Plaid, Black Watch, Stripes, Sequins and Lace, Matchy Matchy , Beam Me Up , and Plaid Tidings.  In case you clicked on any of the items (like the amazing plaid shoes) and received a a sold out notification, several items come back in stock a few times.  It is worth a second try.


The color is“Rouge Red” by CND Vinylux.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Happy Monday!



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