Riding Into Spring and Consciousness

Spring!  I always go through an awakening when the season turns, even in  Los Angeles which does not exactly deliver seasonal weather changes.  In fact, we are bracing ourselves for rain and it was chilly today after being warm for the past few days.  And yet, I experience the same awakening that I enjoyed in New York and San Francisco.  It is as if a light bulb goes off and I suddenly feel more aware.  I find myself thinking “Was I asleep?”

This week the first day of spring coincided with my husband having minor foot surgery. My day was spent caring for him, dropping him off, picking him up, and handling more at home.  All went well but that’s not the only great part of today.  Today, my husband and I were nicer and more patient with each other than we have been in a long time.  It is not that we were not getting along,  but it was that extra layer of kindness that made all the difference.  I felt the awakening of my consciousness about kindness – “why don’t we act like this all the time?”  “Where have WE been?”  I do not ever want my husband or son to suffer, but I do love rising to the occasion and being their best caregiver when the stakes are high.

As part of my spring awakening, I’m layering myself in a really nice J. Crew indigo eyelet that is a nice change of pace from my typically more tailored look.  I styled it with my favorite white jeans, Legend of Lido clutch and J. Crew shoes.  These photos were shot on one of those warm pre-Spring days in San Diego and the top was perfectly breezy.



J. Crew Eyelet Top (30% off with code HAPPYSPRING through March 24, 2017)

Legend of Lido Jaipur Clutch c/o

AG Prima Jeans

J. Crew Shoes (older style these and these would look great)

Here’s to kindness (and style, of course).

Happy Shopping!



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