Berries, Stripes and Connections

I am counting down the days to my one year anniversary of blogging.  In fact, LinkedIn is already serving up congratulations.  There are times that blogging feels isolating.  I am at the computer editing photos, holding myself to tough deadlines, spending (too much) time on social media.  Then there are moments where a comment or an email from a reader comes through and I feel a sense of connection.  I am so grateful for the community of bloggers, instagrammers and J. Crew fans.

Amy of @howtojcrew fame and I kept missing each other at J. Crew.  We had been following each other on Instagram for a while.  It seemed every time I was shopping she had just been there or was coming later.  Finally one day, we both reached out on Instagram and we met for coffee to “talk shop”.  Then one day we actually did bump into each other in the J. Crew dressing room at the Grove.  Both of us were trying on looks from this berry collection.



So we decided to meet and swap photographer duty.  My “Instagram” husband was thrilled to be relieved of his duties for a few outfits.  We have taken photos twice together now and both times it rained, but we managed anyway.

We shot these berry looks in the mist.  I love that social media which can be isolating at times actually had a connecting power in real life (IRL).

jcrew berries stripes flatlay

My look:

J. Crew Berries Popover

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

J. Crew Striped Clutch (similar here)

J. Crew Striped Gemma Flats (similar here)

AG Prima Jeans

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Sensual Rose

Amy’s look:

J. Crew Berries Sweater

J. Crew Matchstick Denim

J. Crew Flats (similar here)

Here’s to connecting and friendships.

Happy Shopping!



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