Thank You Jenna

When I started my blog almost a year ago I featured a lot of J. Crew because it was what was in my closet.  The initial inspiration for even making my Instagram public six months before was the shinyponies contest.  I feature other brands here and there, but it was the J. Crew fan community and Jenna Lyons herself that kept me going.

Thank you Jenna

Thank you for validating my obsession with leopard print.  I have always loved it.  You made it more accessible.   I have been calling it a neutral since I can remember.

Thank you for making the high/low mix so cool.

Thank you for living your life on your own terms (in the public eye).

Thank you for teaching us how to cuff a sleeve (even if I don’t quite have it).

Thank you for embracing the imperfect and making things interesting.

Thank you for the pattern mix.

Thank you for being a role model for young women, young men, boys and girls.

Thank you for showing us that any look can be pulled off with the right amount of confidence.

I look forward to your next act.  Please keep sharing your style and inspiring us all.



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