Mani Monday – Goldfish Edition

“Harry!  Where is Sally?” I am  panicked.  “I know ten days is a long time, but the time-release feeder still has some food left.  Did you eat her?  Did you eat Sally?”, I plead, desperate for a response I know I’ll never get.

Where could she be?  She jumped to her almost death once before. I came home just in time to put her back in the bowl.  I don’t see her or any remains on the floor near the bowl.  What happened to her?  I knew ten days was too long.  I had planned on eight and ended up extending my trip to San Francisco.  Not since I transported them from 30th and Madison to 13th and University have I been this worried.

Harry and Sally were the perfect New York City pets.  They greeted me each night when I got home.  Cleaning their tank satisfied my need to care for something other than myself and just looking at them lowered my blood pressure (or so I read). I had won them at the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy within a few months of moving to New York.

For the next four days I eye Harry suspiciously each time I walk by the bowl.  One afternoon I get home early from a meeting and catch my bi-monthly housekeeper on her way out.

“Hello, Consuelo.”

“Hello, Ms. Jennifer.”

“Do you know where Sally went?”

“Who?  Do you have a roommate?

“The fish, the smaller one.”

“Oh, she was stuck to the floor last time.  I cleaned the floor.   I am so sorry.  You were in California and I did not want to bother you.”

“I am so relieved.  I thought Harry ate her.”

She gives me a puzzled look.

“I’m sorry about your fish.”
“Me too.  But I’m relieved Harry isn’t a cannibal.”


The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Surrounded by Studs” by Essie Gel Couture.

Items in the photos include:

Star T-shirt

Navy Corduroy Bootie

Tapestry Blazer

Navy Leopard Print Top

Rugby Shirt

Gucci Mule in Gold

Floral Dress

Sequined Dress

Striped Shirt

Happy Monday!




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