Mani Monday – Burgundy Tiger Edition

“I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but that cough is giving me a headache.” said my son to my husband as they were headed to bedtime.

I wish I could say that I fought my recent cough and cold like a tiger, but it’s more like the cold was the tiger.  I have never been so exhausted and debilitated for this long or coughed for this long.  I think I am finally on the mend and ready to join the world again.

So when I finally got out for a manicure I went for something dark and bold.  Negative space tiger stripes fit the bill.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Model Clicks” by Essie Gel Couture.

Items in the photos include:

Floral Dress

Striped Shell

Embroidered Top

Heart Shirt

Batique Blouse

Floral Dress

White Floral Top

Lilleth Bag

Orange Driving Shoes

Happy Monday!



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