Steely Resolve

“The no shopping challenge changed you.” my husband said the other day.  While I am in the stores more than before my challenge, my purchases are still way down.  I feel the need to stop and consider each purchase.  Then I sleep on it.  Nine times out of ten, I wake up decide that I don’t really need the item.  That was not the case with a recent pair of sunglasses I could not stop thinking about and then splurged on.  I just dropped them off to get my prescription filled.  They will be coming to the blog soon, but here is a peek in the meantime. This pair was a runner-up (I love the vintage shape). This pair is a fun pink option (and under $100!).

Last summer I splurged on this Antonello Tedde clutch with (a strap).  A similar one is on sale! I still have my eye on this bag (in white) for the summer, but the brown is a great neutral option as well.  I am still loving my Cult Gaia Luna bag that I scored right before my shopping detox.


Denim Jacket (also in this distressed version)

Striped Shirt (similar here)

Bag (similar here and on sale!)

White Denim (also love this pair)

Shoes (older style these, these, these,and these would look great)

Happy Styling!



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