Hair Game Changer – Dyson

I want a time machine. I want to go back and get all that time I spent drying my hair back.

Today is different.  The Dyson Hair Dryer is my hair game changer. I must confess, I do not blow dry my hair on a regular basis. It’s been a number of years since I have. It takes me over 45 minutes to do a decent job.  Instead, I rely on bi-weekly blowouts by a stylist.  It’s an indulgence I enjoy, but it is not always convenient.  So….

I have had my eye on the Dyson for a few months. I took the plunge.

I have blown out my hair several times and the results are amazing.  I am able to dry my hair so that it’s smooth, shiny and not frizzy in 20 minutes. Yes, in less than half my usual time. The Dyson is worth every penny – and it does cost a lot of them — in my book.  I am down to a weekly professional blowout (and I have even skipped a couple of weeks).  There are three attachments (including a diffuser) that are easy to take on and off as they are magnetic.

If you are in the market for a new blow dryer, an upgrade, this is the blow dryer for you. I am 100% happy with this purchase – and the time it has bought me for more interesting pursuits than drying my hair. Now if could just find that time machine…

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The Dyson is available herehere and here.

Here’s to good hair days!