Mani Friday – Blue Camo Edition

My six year old loves camouflage, especially shorts and pants and not just the typical green, but blues as well.  He has worn various versions of the pants and shorts for about two years.  He likes to do his own pattern mixing with stripes and other colors.  Every week he makes suggestions for my nail art that usually revolve around cars.  It is rare that he is that happy with my choice.  He really liked this week’s blue camo nail art.  He also asked me if I was trying to have my nails blend in with my clothes.  I will say the camo is forgiving with the dreaded and inevitable chip.

The main color is my favorite “Creekside” by Vinylux combined with “Indigo Frock” and “Water Park” also by Vinylux.  The nail art and manicure are by Olive & June.

Happy Friday!



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