Mani Monday – Rainbow Edition

Love is Love.  In addition to supporting Gay Pride this weekend, this rainbow mani just cheered me up every time I looked at it.  Who doesn’t love a rainbow?  After rain, it is a beautiful surprise.  A rainbow, like love, goes with everything.

The colors are Essie Gel Couture “Haute to Trot”, Essie Gel Couture “Fairy Tailor”, (also available with Top Coat here).  The rainbow was made with Nars “Night Out”, OPI ” Live Love Carnaval”, Essie “Mojito Madness”, OPI “Big Apple Red”, and Essie “Clambake”.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Items in the photos include:

Balenciaga Velvet Boots

Gianvito Rossi Denim Heels

Givenchy Pink Bag

Chloe Blush Bag

Tabitha Simmons Polka Dot Slides

Stella McCartney Demin Bag

The Row White Wristlet

The Row Gold Slides

J. Crew Gingham Blazer (on sale!)

J. Crew Pink Gingham Shirt

Happy Monday!





Mani Monday – Camellia Edition

It is hard to think about a camellia and not also think about Coco Chanel.  My son and I have been reading this book about the life of Coco Chanel at bedtime, so I have had Chanel on the brain.  The polish is subtle matte pink and I love the little touch of camellia.  I think Coco would approve…

The color is “Pink Rubber” by Chanel. It is a matte finish.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Items in the photos include:

J. Crew Pink Rattan Clutch

Equipment Ainsley Button Down Floral

J. Crew Liberty Print Blazer

J. Crew Embroidered Top

J. Crew Pineapple Print Skirt

J. Crew Large Pouch with Glitter

Fendi Bags

Equipment Know Lace up Floral Print Shirt

Equipment Aubrey Dress

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday – Stars Edition

The stars were all out last night.  Our family Oscar viewing party included a fort in the family room, and Postmates delivery of Bareburger (yum!).  If you have not tried Postmates, it is amazing and with code ryi1k your first delivery is free.

We had a ballot contest. My son is seven and it was his first time participating.  The only movie on the ballot he had seen was Zooptopia.  He was asleep before it was over and he missed being the winner for a few minutes and then coming in second.  He had picked “La La Land” for just about everything.  Sadly, I came in last.  At least I have stars on my nails to get me through the week.

The colors are Chanel Velvet Nail Colour in “Pink Rubber”, Chanel Long Wear Nail Colour in “Ballerina”, and Chanel Long Wear Nail Colour in “Camelia”.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Links to items pictured:

Drake’s for J. Crew Bandana with Elephant Print

Perfect shirt in Liberty Edenham floral

J. Crew Chambray Dress

J. Crew Charlie Slides

J. Crew Star Print Jeans

J. Crew Jane Sunglasses (on sale!)

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday – Navy Negative Space Edition

I try to stay positive except when it comes to nail art.  This week I  wanted something understated.  I went with navy and diagonal negative space on two nails.

The color is “Mariniere” by Chanel.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

J. Crew Striped Pouch

J. Crew Western Chambray Shirt

J. Crew Liberty Print Shirt

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday – 7th Birthday Edition

This weekend we celebrated my son’s seventh birthday with a cake decorating party at Duff’s Cakemix.  I was amazed at the focus and attention to detail that each of the ten boys brought to their masterpieces.  They had so much fun and were so helpful to one another.  They managed to share the coveted lego candy that, of course, most of them needed for their designs.  It is inspiring to watch them and their unbridled enthusiasm.  It fills me with hope for the future.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Creekside” by CND Vinylux.

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday -Blue Triangle Edition

This week I wanted something elegant and neutral with a pop of color.  I went with nude and blue triangles on two nails on one hand and one on the other hand.  I felt like a full set would just be too much.

The colors are “Do You Take Lei Way?” by OPI and ” I Know What Boys Like” by Deborah Lippmann. The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

Links to a few of the items featured are here:

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy here and here

Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish

Valentino Camustars Slip-on Sneaker

J. Crew Star Print Jacket

J. Crew Striped Capri Leggings

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday – The Flower Guy Edition

It feels like Spring.  At least in the stores and definitely this weekend in Los Angeles, actually make that Summer.  Nothing screams Spring like flowers.  The Michael De Feo for J. Crew collection of t-shirts give J. Crew‘s new roll a freshness that is irresistible.  I featured all three t-shirts (the Painted Daisy Vase, Striped with Painted Flowers, and Painted Tulips) last week in Blooming in Blue.  The collection inspired this week’s mani.

The color is “Mariniere” by Chanel.  The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.

The book pictured above is”A Passion for Blue & White“, by Carolyne Roehm

My Fitbit Flex 2 in navy is pictured above and is so easy to wear.

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday – Umbrella Edition

I love my rain boots.  They are comfortable, stylish and naturally, a leopard print.  They make me look forward to the rain.  I love to slosh through puddles and not worry about my shoes.  I feel a little invincible like I can tread through anything.  I am more playful; the idea of jumping through puddles makes me smile.

1983. Winter sports at Stevenson School include Boys Soccer, Boys Lacrosse and Girls Field Hockey.  Field Hockey has the worst field; on rainy days it is more like a swamp.  We play in knee-high mud.  We practice rain or shine — or we would never have practice during El El Niño.  I love Field Hockey. All the stresses, troubles, and academic pressures of the day melt away with the mud.  Mud flies everywhere. Sticks and balls and mud do battle.  I stand in my cleats. Mud swishes through my socks between my toes and my toes wiggle in the mud.  I am not the most skilled player, but I love this sport.  Actually, I love the uniform.  The kilt hits me just right and Field Hockey girls  – we – give off a,  ‘ready for anything’, tough-girl vibe, which I can’t muster off the field/so unlike the real me. I am covered in mud, my perfectly coiffed bob is destroyed.  I feel liberated from the controlled and striving for perfection self I am off the field.

My father picks me up from practice.  The front seat of his Audi is covered in towels.  I strip down in the laundry room off of the garage lest I drag the field into the the perfectly clean main part of the house and dump my clothes into the washer.  After a hot shower, I devour a whole box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and ask for more.   I have earned this, I am a serious athlete and I am starving.  It is time to buckle down for 4-5 hours of homework.  As I write essays, solve geometry proofs and conjugate verbs in French, I stop and smile as I remember the feeling of freedom in the mud.  Tomorrow is another practice, I hope it rains.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” by OPI.

Happy Monday!



Mani Monday -Black Stripes Edition

2017 is off to a stripe-y start. It is no secret that I love stripes.  Last week was a week of stripes.  For this week’s mani, I am wearing black for the first time with negative space stripes.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Black Pool” by CND Vinylux.

Happy Monday!

PS – How cute are the Gucci Bee Loafers?