Home Stretch…

The detox on shopping has led to more time at home, which has been nice.  I have also been battling a cold off and on for the last month, so the at home timing has been good.  In fact, I am beginning to wonder if 28 days will be enough.  Last year my husband and I did our “Whole 30” plan that morphed into the Bulletproof plan (more on that here and here) for much longer than 28 days.  Our habits are far from perfect, but detoxing food-wise for that long did make some permanent changes.  We continue to consume far less sugar than we used to and really don’t have the same taste for it.

There have been a few things that have been tempting with all the January sales.  My resolve is still strong, but these sales are really good.  Several items I have featured recently are on the J. Crew website at rock bottom prices like this bomber jacketshirtshirt, shoesshirt, pullover, bell-sleeved top, and  blazer.

In another week I will be at 28 days.  I will see how I feel then. In the meantime, the closet clean out continues with several new things on Poshmark this week.  My dog, Cupcake, is my constant companion and is loving more time at home.  She insisted on crashing this photo shoot where I styled these adorable striped heels (that I picked up this fall pre-detox) with gingham, a sweater, denim and I could not decide between my camo clutch and my custom canvas pouch.


Sweater (similar here)

Denim (on sale!) I love this new wash and this new wash too.


Camo Clutch (also available in this glitter stripe version)

Custom Canvas Clutch

Happy Friday!



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