Resolutions and Intentions

Ever since I could put pen to paper, I would make New Year’s resolutions.  Each year there would be lists that most certainly included “lose weight” from my teenage years on.  The last few years the idea of resolutions has evolved into intentions.  I set intentions regularly on a weekly or even daily basis in my meditation practice.

This year rather than declaring “lose weight” as a resolution (though admittedly, I would love to lose a few lbs) I want to feel healthy and vital.  It has become clear that eating certain foods — dairy, sugar, corn and gluten. – does not make me feel good and at times downright uncomfortable.  This week I have eliminated the aforementioned  foods to see if I feel better.  It’s only day four and I already do feel better.  The more I eat cleanly, the more I want to keep going and build my resolve.

I was fortunate to kick this intention off with a “Reinvention” Hypnosis at my favorite mediation studio Unplug, with the always inspiring Camilla Sacre-Dallerup that is based on her upcoming book “Reinvent Me”.  The mediation made a huge difference.  I started the elimination of dairy, sugar, gluten and corn in earnest on Monday.  After the Friday class, I found myself resisting the temptation of the all the yummy Christmas leftover cookies and chocolate.  The part of my brain that said “No, this won’t make you feel good” was loudest – and victorious.

I am keeping lots of good snacks on hand and planning meals.  This morning I will give Bulletproof coffee a try which will leave only two meals a day to prepare.  I don’t eat red meat.  If any of you have great “Whole 30” recipes or tricks, please reply in the comments section.


My outfit from a recent trip to the fabulous new natural market with locations in California, Lazy Acres.

J. Crew Tippi Sweater

J. Crew Signet Bag in Bright Sea

J. Crew Shoes

J. Crew Black Toothpick Jeans

J. Crew Ryan Sunglasses

Happy, Healthy 2017.





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