A pause on the way to the garage

“But I’m not finished with it yet.” sighs my son as my husband is hauling it to the garage.

“You are too big for this. The other table will be much better in the playroom. We can play games at it.” he responds.

“Why don’t we leave it there for a few days. “I suggest pointing to the Pottery Barn kids table as it rests in front of the fireplace.

“I’m just putting it in the garage. It’s not going to the thrift shop, yet.” my husband protests.

“Things go to the garage to die! You put some of my stuffed animals in plastic bags!” my son yells.

“Let’s agree to enjoy the table here for a while.” I suggest.

The cafe size table was moved from the guest room to the play room to make way for the Peloton. As busy parents, we realized we just could not fit in exercise like we used to. Most of our courtship involved spinning and yoga classes. After just a few days, the whole family has enjoyed the Peloton. My son favors the scenic rides and has changed his mind about the location of next year’s decade birthday trip.

The next thing I know my son unearths the Janod breakfast set that we used for weekend breakfasts in my bed along with discussions about the week when I worked as a COO. It is the one toy that I want to keep in my closet (I have finished LEGO projects on the top shelf). He gathers the stuffed animals from his room for breakfast, asks to sit with them for a bit and then joins us at the table to scan the travel section of the paper for his next destination.

A wise mom with older boys recently posted on her Instagram something about how she is always asking her kids to hurry up and really she should have been asking them
to slow down as she cleaned their playroom and looked at their sports pictures. I have continued to think about her words a week later.

I am hitting pause. My husband is ready to part with the table and is worried there will be a playroom franchise in the living room. My son and I need the stuffed animal farewell breakfast for a few more days.

Riding into Summer

School is out for the summer!  Yesterday my son and I attended a very fun second grade end of the year party complete with karaoke, a scavenger hunt and water balloons.  My son sang “Fireball”.  One of the mom’s who also has a sixth grader reminded me to savor these moments as this time and this grade is simple, innocent and most of all fleeting.  I look forward to summer adventures with my third grader, but I can’t help but wonder where my preschooler went.  I remember him striding into his last day of Pre-K like it was yesterday and yet he’s grown almost a foot and achieved so many milestones. The days can be long, but the years fly by.  I am hoping to slow down and savor a lot of fun moments and make some great summer memories.

Details on this look below.


Denim Jacket

Sunglasses (also here)

Striped Tee



White Denim

Happy Summer!



Mani Monday – 7th Birthday Edition

This weekend we celebrated my son’s seventh birthday with a cake decorating party at Duff’s Cakemix.  I was amazed at the focus and attention to detail that each of the ten boys brought to their masterpieces.  They had so much fun and were so helpful to one another.  They managed to share the coveted lego candy that, of course, most of them needed for their designs.  It is inspiring to watch them and their unbridled enthusiasm.  It fills me with hope for the future.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The color is “Creekside” by CND Vinylux.

Happy Monday!