Rainbow Set

Rainbow sweater set?  Where have you been?  Folded nicely in a pile of sweaters I have been ignoring.  I am almost done with my closet clean out.  The best part has been discovering old favorites, now if I can just find that pot of gold.  This sweater set sold out right away so I only featured the shell (here).  I linked several other fun options at various price points below.

I styled the sweater set with denim, a striped clutch and my favorite pink shoes.


Rainbow Striped Sweater (similar here, here, here and here)

Striped Clutch

Shoes (similar here, here and here)


Happy Styling!




Plaid and Roses

High-rise denim meet cropped bomber jacket – a match made in heaven.  My second pair of Madewell denim are the boy jean with a super high 11 inch rise.  They are perfect with a cropped bomber.  Before these jeans, I could not make a shorter jacket work.  Don’t get me started on how comfortable they are.  I styled the plaid bomber jacket with a rose t-shirt for a little pattern mix.  The plaid also comes in this adorable skirt which would be so cute with tights or boots.


Bomber Jacket here and here


Sunglasses (similar here)

Denim here and here

Shoes (similar here and here)

Happy Shopping!



Cozy in Pink

“Mommy, it’s 59 degrees outside right now.” said my seven year old at 7:00 am.  “I’m wearing pants today?”

“Are you sure?  It will be warmer later.  Do you want to just wear your jacket?”

“I’ll wear that, too.  It should be Autumn by now.”

“True, it is technically Autumn.”  I try to put something together for a morning meeting that I won’t be sweating in by mid-day.

When I got an email and saw this cashmere sweatshirt from Madewell on Instagram I knew I needed to check out it immediately.  It is so soft and lightweight, perfect for this cooler in the morning but warm by mid-day weather.  It will also be great for layering when it actually does stay in the 50s and 60s all day.

While I was there I checked out the denim that they are so well known for.  I tried a few pairs and had trouble choosing just one.  They have a slim boyjean with an 11 inch rise that were a nice take on the slim boyfriend jean trend.  They are on my list.  The slim straight was a great fit.  I love that it is clean and straight without being super skinny and they are so comfortable.    I completed the look with my favorite driving shoes that are 12 years old (you can read about finding them in Antwerp here) and one of my favorite Legend of Lido clutches.


Cashmere Sweatshirt



Shoes (similar here and here)

Happy Friday!



New York in Pebble Beach

Growing up on the Monterey Peninsula I longed for a more urban life.  My dream was to live in New York or San Francisco and I did live in both places as an adult.  It was hard to appreciate the relaxed lifestyle and natural beauty as a teenager.  I also hated the fog and lack of “summer”.  Visiting mid summer this year was refreshing for a week.   It was nice to break out a sweatshirt and bring a little New York to Pebble Beach. This sweatshirt has quickly become a favorite.  The sleeves are a little shorter which allows for cuffs and bracelets.







Shoes (similar here and here)

Happy Shopping!



Gemini and the Ark

My birthday month has begun.  I am not usually someone who celebrates the whole month, but as the years pass they feel more significant.  It is a privilege to get older as I wrote last year (The Privilege of Getting Older).  This upcoming birthday ends with a 9 and rather than get myself worked up for a decade birthday next year, I am embracing it now (at least that is the plan).

This is also always a busy time where my mind races and there is much to accomplish.  The school year is ending which has always impacted both my family life and my career.  I put myself through an annual performance review.  And if you believe in astrology,  the mind does race when the moon is in Gemini and we all have Gemini in us ( I happen to have a lot in my chart in addition to it being my sign).

I was thrilled to open my first present last night.  The Cult Gaia Ark bag that I have been coveting for a long time.  I was unsure about which size to order and went with the large.  It is perfect!  Get ready to see it styled over and over in my posts this summer.

In the meantime, my seven year old son snapped a few photos with the outfit I was wearing when I walked in the door, which demonstrates just how versatile the bag is.  My son and husband were both concerned about the contents being visible.  My husband’s late mother always told him “you never ask a woman’s age or to look in her bag”.  I reminded them of all of my cute pouches.


cult gaia st. james jcrew prada flatlay

J. Crew Stretch Blazer

St. James for J. Crew Sleeveless Striped Top

J. Crew Paint Splatter Jeans (similar here and here)

Cult Gaia Ark bag in large

Prada Driving Shoes (similar here and here)

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy

Happy Shopping!



Painting Outside the Lines

My son and I often color together.  I enjoy it. I find it relaxing. I am quite orderly about it; I am a ‘draw inside the lines’ kinda gal. So, when J. Crew launched the limited edition paint splatter collection I was not sure it was for me.    While I fell in love with the jeans that I featured last week in The Maine Event;  they have quickly become one of my go-to favorites.  This striped shirt has also been a staple.  There is something very liberating about the paint splatter and it is a fun contrast to my more buttoned-up look.

I styled it with my J. Crew Lookout high-rise jeans, Prada driving shoes and Goyard bag.

You can see the whole J. Crew paint splatter collection here.  It is limited edition and only available online and in a smattering of select  stores.  The collection is worth a second look. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even color outside of the lines….



J. Crew Limited-edition Striped Tee in Paint Splatter

J. Crew Lookout High-Rise Jeans in Fairoaks Wash

Prada Driving Shoes (similar here and here)

Fitbit Flex 2 in Navy

Happy Shopping!



Pink Liberty

My husband and son surprised me with roses and cards a few days before Valentine’s Day.  This is a busy time of year for us.  Nine years ago we got engaged two days after Valentine’s Day.  We brought our son home from the hospital on Valentine’s Day seven years ago.

We were busy with my son’s birthday celebrations which included The Lego Batman Movie and a party for his friends that I wrote about here.  It was nice to have the roses over the weekend and they inspired my pink shoes that work so nicely with my new Liberty Print shirt from J. Crew.  My love of Liberty prints rivals my love of stripes and leopard print.  I have featured several other Liberty prints in May Liberty Flowers, Santa Barbara Mother’s Day, Liberty and Lavender, Fiddlehead Farm, Stripes and Liberty, and  Paisley Liberty


J. Crew Liberty Print Shirt

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

AG Prima Jeans

Legends of Lido Clutch c/o

Prada Shoes (similar here and here)

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Darling Pink

Happy Shopping!



Antwerp Memories and Pink Cherries

Shoes can tell the story of your life.  They have walked with you through your experiences.  In my case, I often buy them on vacation and then remember the trip when I put them on.  The shoes in this outfit were purchased in 2005 in Antwerp, Belgium.

My friend and I had traveled to Brussels, Belgium for another friend’s wedding.  On the day of the wedding, we had enough time for a day trip. We were deciding between Bruges and Antwerp.  My friend is a fan of diamonds, so Antwerp it was.  We arrived after a short train ride and enjoyed the sights.  We stumbled upon a shoe store that had Prada driving shoes arranged in a circle in every color you can imagine.  They reminded me of the Cole Hahn loafers I craved in High School that came in a rainbow of colors.  I chose this hot pink and my friend chose a pretty beige suede.  We were both so excited with our selections. The dollar was favorable enough at the time that they were also a good value.

We each went to pay and my card was declined. The same thing had happened to me the summer before on another trip to Europe.  The fraud detection team was overly zealous and had shut me down.  This time I had called my credit card company to let them know ahead of time where I would be visiting. I was furious.  I decided it just was not meant to be.  My friend insisted on buying my shoes and I would pay her back. She simply would not take no for an answer.  Once I returned to the hotel in Brussles,  I called and got the credit card straightened out.

The shoes are still in great shape.   I still wear them eleven years later which is amazing considering they are driving shoes with out a full sole. Every time I wear them or see the box in my closet, I think of the kindness of my friend and that trip.

I styled them with a fun J. Crew top in a cherry print, my favorite pink  J. Crew sunglasses, dark denim and a pink cardigan.  Between the color, the cherries, and the memories of Antwerp,  I can’t help but feel cheery.  The shoes are long since sold out, but I’ve linked two fun hot pink styles below.


J. Crew Shirt

J. Crew Featherweight Italian Cashmere Cardigan

J. Crew Jane Sunglasses in Pink

J. Crew  Jeans in Resin (similar here)

Prada Driving Shoes (circa 2005) similar here and here

Happy Shopping and Storytelling!