Mani Monday – Navy French Edition

My trip to Paris three years ago keeps popping up in my Facebook memories.  So for this week I wanted something French.  I decided on a French manicure, but replaced the typical white with navy for a twist.

The manicure and nail art are by Olive & June.  The colors are “Spool Me Over” and “Surrounded by Studs” by Essie Gel Couture.

Items in the photos include:

Rugby Shirt

Camo Tee

Au Revoir Sweatshirt

Windowpane Jeans

Beaded Top

Floral Dress

Floral Sneaker

Gucci Mule

Velvet Top

Floral Top

Tory Burch Tunic

Happy Monday!


Memories of Plaid

“Jenni look!”


“These plaid pants are perfect for you.  They are so preppy.”

“They look tiny.  What size are they?”

“Just try them on”.

“I love them I have to have them.  It is weird to buy something someone else wore?”

“They are vintage and cool and one of kind”.

I wore my plaid pants everywhere.  They embodied my preppy style.

When I saw this pair at J. Crew I could not help but smile and think of all the fun I had in the  first pair.  They were followed by madras shorts that I also wore over and over.  The color of these also reminds me of the “Preppy Handbook”, which was my bible.

It was fun to style these with chambray, gold espadrilles and stripes.  I felt like a teenager again, only this time, a more daring one.  I never would have put the stripes together with madras in the 80s.  There are benefits to getting older.


J. Crew Plaid Pants

J. Crew Chambray Top (similar here and here)

J. Crew Striped Clutch

J. Crew Gold Espadrilles (similar here)

J. Crew Piper Sunglasses

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Sensual Rose

Happy Shopping!



Jumping into Memories

As my husband helped me with the clasp on my bracelet he said “I like the jumpsuit. It reminds me of something my mother would wear.  The bracelet is a good choice.  I still remember the clanking noise it made when she locked her closet door.” memories-bracelet

My husband’s mother passed away twelve years before we met.  I have always felt her presence and I am sure we would have hit it off.  I would have loved to shop with her.  Anytime my husband compares what I am wearing to his mother, the outfit becomes infinitely more stylish. My husband speaks about her adoringly. Her impeccable style is evident in photographs and in my husband’s stories about her.  Any comparison is the ultimate compliment.  When I wear her bracelet it adds an extra touch of glamour. I look down at the bracelet and picture it clanking as she locked her closet.  That memory has become one of my own memories.  On my other wrist I have been wearing my husband’s father’s watch (you can read about that here).  These objects hold memories and make me feel connected to my husband’s parents, one of whom I never met and one whom I only knew a short time.



J. Crew Jumpsuit in Shirting Stripe

J. Crew Shoes

J. Crew Clutch older style (this would work well)

Lipstick Queen Lip Gloss in Energy

There is also a J. Crew  Collection Jumpsuit in bright dahlia.

Here’s to memories.