Love and a Jean Jacket

“You were wearing a jean jacket when I met you. It was your signature look.  Your hair was much longer.” said my husband as we bump into each other in our kitchen.

“That’s right I had them in a few colors.  Was I wearing denim or colored denim?” I replied.

“The first date was denim and then you continued to wear different colors.”  I do remember him commenting that I had a lot of little jackets and a lot of shoes.  I think his MBA brain was calculating what I must have spent on clothes (more than I do now actually) and wondering if this would be a good investment.

Here we are almost twelve years later, and I have been wrestling with how to end my shopping detox.  This denim jacket was technically a gift from by husband for Valentine’s Day.  He returned one of the jeans I picked up for him (that I mentioned here) which were subject to a store credit and insisted I get the jacket.  I have been searching for the perfect jean jacket for a while.  I have had a couple from J. Crew that I love like this and this, but I am 5’9 and they are just a tad short with certain looks. I also like this one from Madewell.

So now I have to ponder, if I have broken the detox with his gift?  I feel a certain pressure to make this first purchase count.  As I have mentioned, I am coveting this bag and a few others have joined the short list like this one and this one.  In the meantime I am pulling out a few bags from my closet again.  From a financial perspective not buying a bunch of little stuff to then make an investment in a bag may or may not pencil out, but in terms of being more conscious of my purchases it does.

I have created a new uniform with my new jean jacket.  Add stripes, shoes and a scarf and voila.  The uniform has taken me to all kinds of events this past week.


Jean Jacket ( I found it here on sale!)

Saint James Striped Shirt

Hermes Scarf (similar here, here and here)

Camo Clutch (also in this fun stripe)

Orange Driving Shoes

AG Navy Jeans (also here)

Sunglasses (similar here and here)

A couple of other options that I wore last week.

Pink Sunglasses (similar herehere and here)

Pink Striped Shirt (similar here )

Hermes Twilly (similar here)

Pink Loafers (similar here and here)

Leopard Flats (similar here and here)

Orange Hermes Twilly (similar here and here)

Happy Styling!




Peace, Love and Denim

My love of denim and chambray is no secret.  I have lost count of the number of times I have worn my J. Crew Western Chambray shirt that I bought two years ago (and it still looks great).  J. Crew just came out with a new Western Chambray Shirt with snaps in a vintage indigo wash and I knew immediately it was a must have.  I also picked up another pair of Lookout high rise jeans.  I doubled down on denim for lunch with my mom at Flower Child in Del Mar.  I love the bright decor and the menu options make it easy for me to stick to my new regime.

I styled my new denim pieces with fringe boots by Maison de Talons, J. Crew Jane sunglasses, a J. Crew monogrammed pouch and a J. Crew bandana in a Drake’s print.

Here are three more looks with my other Western Chambray Shirt (which is on sale!) : Denim on Denim, Falling into Neutral, and Beam Me Up.



J. Crew Western Chambray Shirt

J. Crew Lookout High Rise Jean in Fairoaks Wash

J. Crew Drake’s Print Bandana

J. Crew Medium Pouch in Bright Flamingo with Monogram

Maison de Talons Fringe Boots (on sale plus 60%!) similar here with wedge heel (also on sale)

J. Crew Jane Sunglasses (on sale!)

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Color in Darling Pink

Happy Shopping!





Shades of Blue

It is no secret that blue is my favorite color.  I found the 10,000 Buddhas wall by Amanda Giacomini in Venice to be so serene.  You can read more on Amanda and the 10,000 Buddhas project here.

Of course, I was dressed to match.  My favorite striped flats from J. Crew have been marked down again, so they are a super deal.  My favorite and oh-so-comfy lookout high-rise jeans from J.Crew are also on sale.  My navy gingham button up and panama hat are both on constant repeat along with my Veronica tote from Parker Thatch.


J. Crew Hat

J. Crew Shirt

J. Crew Jeans (similar here on sale or new arrival here)

J. Crew Shoes (on sale!)

Parker Thatch Tote

Happy Shopping!





Cherries on Top

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  Our day includes a 10K and kid’s race in the morning, a parade in the afternoon and fireworks to end the night.   I am starting the celebration early by adding a a pop of red to my favorite blue and white.  This cherry tee from J. Crew is so fun for summer.


J. Crew Top

J. Crew Blazer (on sale plus 40% off with code COOLSTYLES)

J. Crew Shoes (on sale plus 60% off with code COOLSTYLES)

AG Jeans – Prima 360 Contour

Happy Shopping!




Buzzing Gingham

About a month ago I wrote about my Grandmother B in this post.  June is her birthday month (and mine), so I have been thinking about her a lot.  I decided to style the J. Crew Save the Bees t-shirt again with some Gingham.  It has been very cool and foggy, so the layers made sense and wearing bees makes me feel connected to her.


J. Crew Gingham Shirt in Coral

J. Crew Save the Bees T-shirt

J. Crew Jeans (similar here)

J. Crew Shoes (sold out, similar here)

Happy Shopping!





Denim on Denim

I can never have enough denim.  I love this Western Shirt from J. Crew and I love pairing denim in different washes.  My jeans are AG in 360 Contour.  They are so incredibly comfortable.  As the name suggests they stretch in all directions and completely keep their shape.  I have them in the Prima which has a slightly higher rise.  I added a new J. Crew necklace in my favorite navy and my J. Crew liberty flats to add a little pop of color.


J. Crew Western Denim Shirt

J. Crew Necklace

J. Crew Shoes

AG Denim 360 Contour

Happy Shopping!




Stripes and Pom-poms

I was lucky enough to grab the pom-pom shoes from J. Crew when they first came out (they were online only).  I have seen them pop up a couple of times in the sale section.  It may be worth a little sale stalking.  I was wearing them last week and saw the long sleeve tee.  The shoes insisted I buy it.  I am styling the shoes and pom-pom striped tee with my cropped high rise lookout white jeans from J.Crew to show off the pom-poms as well as pair of lavender AG jeans that are on sale at Calypso


Striped tee with pom-poms

Cropped White Jeans

Everything is 30% off on J.Crew with the code TIMETOSHOP through April 21, 2016 11:59 PM Eastern,



Lavender AG Jeans

Available at Calypso on sale plus an additional 50% off


Happy Shopping!